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Domination Tips Solo Vanilla

A method of gaining scoops by pwning forums without the need of a klan raid. Solo Vanilla is also called "Solo Raiding". Solo Vanilla requires a bunch of skill and knowledge of the game to be done with success, but when done right, it can award as much scoops as a small scale Klan Vanilla. With the recent nerf on Klan raiding it is a very important aspect of domination to execute a proper solo raid and a vital skill to be competitive in domination.

Solo raiders usually try to mix Vanilla Scoops with Pistachio and Lemon Scoops for max scoop gaining.

Basic Requirements

These are the basic requirements for a successful Solo Vanilla. I will explain each of them, but this is a list:

  • 12 Visits;
  • A build focused on High Offense; (not necessary)
  • A Pistachio Streak.

12 Visits

Simply put down: The more visits you have, the more scoops you'll gain from a solo run. You get 8 Vanilla scoops each time you dominate 4 Forums at once. So, you'll get only 8 Scoops if you have 4 visits. With 12 visits, the max you can stack, your Vanilla number is increased to 72. So, 12 visits or nothing! ;)

Obviously if necessary you can raid with less than 12 visits (why waste visits if you can raid with them?), however an minimum of 8 visits (yielding a maximum of 40 scoops) is recommended and a full 12 is preferable.

You can perform three 12 visit raids in a week by raiding on Thursday, Sunday and Wednesday (before the domination round ends)

Build Focused on High Offense

Since the revamp on the Battle System, you win Lemon Scoops based on how many Fans you get each time you pwn a forum. The number of fans you gain is based on:

  • How many turns you take to pwn the forum;
  • How much damage you deal to the forum;
  • How much damage you take from the forum.

The best way of safeguarding fans is taking the forum down in the least amount of turns possible, as this will reduce the damage you take, and as a impromptu consequence you're also dealing more damage. Builds focused on Defense/Offense are the best bet for Fans grinding.

Also you must take in consideration that, since the Fans Leaderboard is separated by clbum, it shouldn't be a huge problem running forums where your attacks are weak against, since you'll be compared to everyone from your clbum and all of you have the same weakness there.

Although this aspect is good to have, it's not really as necessary as the other two, since it's really easy to get 3 Lemons now even with medium levels of Offense, and Lemon is not as gamebreaking as it used to be, because of the high amounts of Pistachio you can get on a single night.

Pistachio Streak

A Pistachio Streak is simply the number of forums you beat in a row: the more forums you have, the more Pistachios you'll gain. It's advised to start a Pistachio streak before stacking visits, so you can have a headstart when you start your solo run.

Okay, I got everything. How do I start?

You should click here or go to your current domination bracket and click Vanilla Helper at the bottom of the page to see the list.

Once you Dominate a forum, you can refresh the page and you'll see that your name will be in bold, like this: Log in to see images!
This is an indication that you have dominated a forum.


Keep the Vanilla Helper open, and start pwning your desired forums. If you're building a Pistachio Streak, note the streak down somewhere (I do it on a separate file on Notepad) and write down which forums you've done.

Once you have 4 forums at the same time, stop. This is the boring part: you have to wait until someone pwns one of your forums to pwn another one. Why? Because you only get Vanilla every time you have exactly 4 forums at once. If you get 3 or 5, you won't gain any Vanilla. So, you have to do a 4-3-4 scheme (Pwn 4 forums, let someone else pwn one to get down to 3 forums, and pwn another one to go back to 4 forums).
You can tell someone else to do it for you, or even use one of your alts, but it's a bit risky because, although the chance of someone pwning one of your forums is low, it does exist, and it might strip 8 scoops from you!

And that's it. It is a little boring, but once you're done, you'll have 100+ scoops to use in any way you want. It may be a little confusing when you're starting it, but it gets trivial once you do it a few times.

Times for doing Solo Vanilla

Solo raiders usually play Domination every 2 weeks, to stack visits. A known timing is starting at Wednesday (when Domination starts), then running again on Saturday (to stack 12 visits again) and on Tuesday to end the week.

You can try to do it at different times, but this is how it goes normally. You can also start one run on a Thursday, to have 12 visits on Sunday and then again by the Wednesday right before the round ends totalling three raids.

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