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Domination Tips Advanced Play

Some hints for those who have already won a medal, but can't seem to make any more progress.

Have patience.

Once you get out of the unmedaled brackets the players get meaner. The more medals in the bracket, the meaner they are. Winning medals at this point takes some real planning and strategy.

Save up some visits for the new week.

It's cool and hardcore to make a serious attempt at winning a medal every week, but a very fine strategy is to go for every other week. This gives you a little break from the plotting, allows you a chance to rebuild flezz lost to gambling and frees up a Wednesday night once in awhile! You have the ability to save visits. Save up and use 12 visits on Wednesday night after the new Domination round starts - it can give you a huge advantage. If you earn 3 scoops per visit that is 36 scoops that most other players don't have! You can earn even more than that (pistachio scoops from streaks, vanilla for domination, lemon for speed). In the bracket, these scoops can add up to devastatingly large advantages. Instead of getting 28 visits like everyone else, you can obtain 40 visits. (41 visits is possible if you are ambitious.)

Plan for pistachio.

When you pwn groups of four different forums you will earn pistachio scoops along with the lemon you get for going fast. As long as you aren't sacrificing lemon scoops, it is always a good idea to choose different forums in order to earn pistachio. With the large number of forums available almost any clbum or build can pwn 12 different forums in a row, most can pwn up to 24 in a row without sacrificing lemons. In addition to the scoops, pwning different forums will allow you to earn the Consecutive Pwnage E-Peen.

Solo vanilla.

If you aren't in a raiding klan, consider going for solo vanilla. This is not as difficult to do as people think! It works best if you save up visits, so that you have 12 to use at one time. As you pwn for lemon and pistachio scoops keep an eye on how many forums you control. When you control four you will earn 8 vanilla scoops in addition to whatever lemon or pistachio you normally earn. Then all you need to do is wait for someone to pwn one of the forums you control and move onto your next. When you take the next it will bring your total back up to four and you will earn another vanilla! This will obviously work best during the times when there is less player activity.

Domination Cards - Use Them or Perish!

Scoops are what you need to win, but if your scoops are unprotected you won't have them for long. Here are the currently available Domination cards. Use Domination cards to secure your scoops. Once you pick up a medal or two, you move into pods with other players with medals. They will play more aggressively and will destroy your scoops if they have the chance. Shields will protect you, Modest Improvements can be used before the round ends to help you rebuild scoop levels. Use Domination cards to attack your enemies! At first it might seem mean, but it's part of the game. If you destroy 10 of your opponents scoops, that is 10 scoops you don't need to earn to take the lead. Using 4 of your scoops to bumhole away 10 of your opponent's scoops is very efficient and powerful.

DON'T use Domination cards to Peeping Tom your opponents. Unless you have a support group of friends or fellow klan members in the same bracket, knowing what your opponents have will not change the outcome. Perhaps new Domination cards will change things, but for now what they have is Shields, Modest Improvements and destruction cards. Knowing what they have will not change it. If they have all destruction, they will still be able to destroy the same number of scoops. If they have improvement/protection they will still be able to build to the same level. What you have if you peek at their hand is 4 fewer scoops than you had before.

Temporary Alliances.

These can be tricky, and there is no way to guarantee that the other player will honor the agreement. If honored, an alliance can ensure medals for multiple players. Remember that up to two players can tie and receive a medal in the category (EXCEPT in the top 3 brackets). Alliances are usually negotiated ahead of time, and most often for the minimum scoops category. Alliances between klan members in the same bracket are by far safer than those with non-klannies, but it never hurts to give it a try!

Klan Domination.

Are you playing for yourself, or are you playing to advance the entire klan? Double edged sword here. It can be just as much of a handicap to you as a player to have several klan members expecting you to back them up. It really depends on the people in your klan and which cards you all have to work with. This is really something you have to feel out. Help them when you can, but if some other player is building over the prearranged scoop total you and your klannie agreed on, save yourself. If they aren't able to help themselves, odds are you won't be able to help them either. You can always put out a hit on the aggressor in future rounds, or recruit them! If they are good enough to outplay you, wouldn't it be nice to have them on your side next time?

Domination Theme Weeks

These are announced in advance on Flamebate. You will also see a different Domination logo when a given week has a special theme. Theme weeks are prime opportunities to focus your play and increase your chance for a medal, by tailoring your play to work with the theme. Many players will simply play their regular game - take advantage of that!

Wednesday Night Showdown.

If you are serious about winning a medal, you want to try to be there for the final 30 minutes before Domination ends. Don't get me wrong, you can get lucky or you can manage to build a big enough wall of scoops and Shields to hold off several hours worth of attacks, but being there during those last 30 minutes allows you to react. The longer you can hold off on using your improvement cards, the less chance that someone will be able to destroy them. The last 30 minutes is also a great time to use any leftover attack cards, since the top players will be targets. Most players will concentrate their attacks upon the leaders, overwhelming their shields and reducing their scoop totals. Thus, being close to the top (but not #1) right before the end of the round can help greatly.

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