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Domination Theme Weeks

Theme Weeks are Domination weeks with slightly different rules. They were initially introduced just to add some more variety to Domination, but they are now also being used to test new features that might later be implemented into the normal Domination game.

Theme Weeks


Log in to see images!Any scoops you earn, regardless of how you earned them, will be given to you in a random flava.

Five-Finger Discount

Log in to see images!If you dominate 4 forums on your own, you'll receive 5 Vanilla Scoops instead of 1.

  • The Shield card is eliminated from the card pool.
  • Clash of the Titans

    Log in to see images!No Ties: All medal winners needs to be the sole character holding the target goal for each medal on their respective bracket. Ties doesn't award medals.

  • The bumhole card now destroys 5 scoops from the player with the highest scoops on your bracket, but all the card requirements (user must have less than 4 scoops or have the lowest total scoops on the bracket) are lifted.
  • The INCIT Scoop

    Log in to see images!, you gain 1 Chocolate Scoop.

    Roid Rage

    Log in to see images! cards are removed.

    Raiders of the Lost Scoop

    Log in to see images!You now recieve 3 vanilla scoops during klan raids as opposed to 1 scoop.

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