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Shock Swines 70 BP Giveaway Extravaganza (Potentiallly NSFW)

S A fabulous person-H-
UMPING male reproductive organ -

Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re

Level 15 Re-Re

think of what i can do with 1000 tubmaills Log in to see images!


Avatar: 98357 2011-07-31 00:47:25 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 18 Hacker


Another suggestion: I would buy community ads that tell people that they are unfunny fabulous persons.


Avatar: 70951 2010-02-06 21:28:05 -0500

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

I need Ep. 2 so bad. I missed the cutoff for doctormale reproductive organtor’s free Ep. 2 contest by attaining lvl 35 after it closed. Also, I’ll tubmail you with lots of nudez. Here’s a sample:

Log in to see images!

In spoiler tags for when the pic gets taken down.

Catt although

Avatar: 46806 2013-08-07 00:24:18 -0400


Level 69 Troll

Last Catt Standing

CoreyJess Posted:

I have a great idea for a few new alts and a klan that could be entertaining for quite a few of us old timers. As you know, I also have a lot of time to kill at present, with my journeys in and out of the hospital. I think I could put some BPs to really good use right now.

Also, as many times as I have given BP away, I’m not sure if any have ever been given to me. (Except by CZ, of course.)

Sounds interesting!

Actually, not making an entry – good contest though!

Catt although edited this message on 03/20/2009 11:35AM


Avatar: 47475 2015-07-17 09:14:26 -0400

[Backdoor Amigos]

Level 8 Emo Kid

Hey this is Professor Commie PhD. I am a total **** stain.

I do not have episode 2 but this is what I will use 7 bp for :3

1 bp will go to a friend so he can buy episode 2…I’ve already given him 5 ^^

2 bp will go to pranking my roommate on here…I think he needs a new avatar

The rest will go to a contest, involving noodz, hopefully. I’m sick of seeing so much tit on flamebate. It’s time to whip out the male reproductive organ, gentlemen.

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Avatar: 48966 2011-07-31 19:36:53 -0400

[The Scrotal Safety-

Level 69 Camwhore

Qui est cette chienne

Catt although Posted:

I could use BP to change the names of some of my alts to make them more RP appropriate.

Nice idea as well.


Avatar: 152207 2011-11-01 00:46:41 -0400

[And The Banned Pla-
yed On

Level 47 Camwhore

I want to see some real, live poop.

I have bruised the warm white sands of Florida, and the black sands of Maui, with my feet and in both I had a drink and a beautiful girl in hand. I have, with those same feet, dashed among a frothing frenzy in Pamplona, running from the bulls, tasting dirt in the air and my own fear and my own death. I have, with those feet, sat in Paris France eating warm bread reading Victor Hugo in French, and then afterward in English and German mbumcripts to correct mistakes in translation.

I have picked cherry blossoms off the tops of my feet, strolling through the groves in Tokyo, wearing Zori my heart full of Haiku. I have had caviar and vodka on the H.M.S Thunder crossing the English Channel—while painting my naked lover. I have tasted the bitter ice of rejection and Russian winter, staring down at my feet outside our little houses door, wishing I knew what to say.

I am cosmopolitan man, a man of clbum and experience, and I think that it is evident that this claim is more than mere bombast. There is, however, once thing I have not done and wish dearly to do: I have not sat hunched, feet dimpling the crisp white cotton of my bedclothes, harsh computer light etching wrinkles into my face, playing Forumwarz Episode 2. I think a man of similar ( but inarguably higher) caliber and clbum can appreciate that and would remedy it.

Fie edited this message on 03/20/2009 3:04PM


Avatar: 146808 2012-12-30 22:05:41 -0500

[Deth Krew 2010]

Level 69 Hacker

Scared of death

I, Chawin, have recently been subjected to atrocities which are worse than any of you could ever imagine. I shall retell these series of incomprahensable events in an appeal to gain these 7 brownie points.


I begin my story not so long ago, the beginning of the month of March. Now, I’m normally ahead of the game when it comes to months, but this year I was not ready. The 28 days in February had caught me off guard, and I had awoken expecting it to be the 29th. I expected wrong.

I carried on with my daily chores, breakfest, tooth brushing, feeding my grandma her daily suplament of vitimins, when hell broke loose. I simply wished to collect my mail that morning, but today would be different. I exited the house, greeted by the mail man.

“PINCH AND A PUNCH FOR THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH” he screamed, ripping off a chunk of my arm with some grbum cutters, and then punching me directly in the face. I had had a long feud with this mail man, but thats another story to tell.

The day went on with nothing much else to say, though a short trip to A&E was needed so that I could replace the chunk in my arm.


A few days later, something was up. Where my arm had been replaced was covered in bandage, and I was told not to remove it under any cirgreat timesstances. But I was beginning to gain cravings for certain fruits, such as mangos and watermelons, though this did not sound strange to me at the time.

This was the least of my worries, as one morning as I fed my grandma, she did not swallow the vitimins. She lay there. With the vitimins in her mouth. Doing nothing.

It then occured to me that she was dead, and that I must dispose of the body.

I needed the vitimins anyway.


Within the week I decided I should bury her somewhere in the woods, I had had work so didn’t really have time to dispose of her yet. I shoved her in the trunk of my car, telling my watchfull neighbour that she was tired and just wanted a trip to the park. As we drove, I noticed a near KFC, and felt a huge earge to buy some. I didn’t have any money as I had spent it on replacing a chunk of my arm, so I drove on.


We arrived at the woods, and I slowly dragged the body further in. I had forgotten a bag, so by the time we had progressed through, my grandma was getting pretty ****ed up.

I then also realised that I was missing a shovel.

This would be quite a problem for digging a hole, so I decided to leave her there and make do with it. To hide the body though, I decided to take a large dump and spread it over her, as I hadn’t taken a crap in a few days due to eating all her vitimins.


As I drove home though, I heard a speech from Barack Obama, and was inclined to shove my fist in the air and help liberate our society. On a completely unrelated note, my bandaged arm was also beggining to itch like hell, and I had to scratch it. I had too.


I went to the nearest public toilet and found a mirror, awaiting to relieve my arm of that dreadfull itch. I began to unroll the bandage, one roll at a time. Blood covered where the wound had been, my skin varely visable under the dripping mess. I washed it under a cold tap, the wound stinging slightly. But as the blood dripped off, a sight I could never had fathomed to see awaited me. There, under the bloody ridden water, was black skin. Not “rotting dead black skin”, but “AIDS ridden african black skin”.

I had become, a fine upstanding member of society.


I began to throw up everywhere, my organs loosing control of themselves. Urine and feaces rolled down my legs, as I colapsed to the floor, jittereing.

I woke up one week later in the ghetto. I don’t know how I got there, but I had managed too.


So yeah, I’d love those brownie points so that I could change my name and create and alibi, I think the police found my grandma. Oh, and maybe a change of clothes.


Avatar: 146808 2012-12-30 22:05:41 -0500

[Deth Krew 2010]

Level 69 Hacker

Scared of death

Chawin Posted:

This **** actually happened.

I am now a fine upstanding member of society.


Avatar: 24745 2011-07-31 00:34:23 -0400

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 69 Troll

Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco Nicco

you should give it to me so i can hold a contest with the won bps so i can get internet achievments lol


Avatar: Hacker Man w/ Goggles

Level 19 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

I want to buy Ep 2 cuz people who made this game are poor and need to feed their children.



Avatar: 135255 Tue Mar 24 17:02:05 -0400 2009

[Throne of Blood]

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

Huh…interesting question, and I don’t now how I necessarily feel about begging. Let’s see if I can delude myself better…

How come Recommencer hasn’t played Ep. 2? He’s almost at the level cap, and, annoying or not, he is definitely making a presence around here. He has his reasons for things, and some people might qualify him for a mediocre troll of an emo.

However, speaking from inside the Recommencer, it’s beginning to grate. He’s finding reasons less to stick around. He’s trying very hard to not become a Troll Troll.

D’you notice that the clbumes seem to overlap and mesh, and often, people pigeonhole themselves into Troll, even if their clbum says otherwise.

Meh…anyway, this is approaching tl;dr. Suffice it to say, I’m a starving artist and finding little reason to stick around. Maybe Ep. 2 would bring me out of my stupor.


Avatar: 132036 Mon Mar 16 12:22:53 -0400 2009

[Epic Win]

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

Log in to see images!

I deserve Episode 2 because i want a longer E-Peen, am tired of community Forums, liked the Storyline of Epi1, put a nice pic in this post, will turn a vegetarian if I get them (meaning i wont eat pigs/swines), never won a contest, so this could be my first and last because i have no RL income (at the time of this post) to buy the BP Log in to see images!


Avatar: Turtle Head

Level 29 Troll

“Gaping Asshole”

I need 7 brownies, becouse I really want to play episode 2.

I almost threw my keyboard in the wall when I realised I’d have to pay for more. Nothing comes free!

I can’t buy them becouse I don’t have a credit card and I live in Finland,

so sending money by other ways is difficult and I’ll propably end up losing it…

I hate to be whiny, so I won’t. Instead I’m going to post this pic.

Would love to say that’s me.. but I’m not. Log in to see images!

Log in to see images!

Generic Raci-

Avatar: 113010 Sat Mar 28 01:20:15 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

i'm a dirty fine upstanding member of society myself lulz

Need for EP2




I’m a negro that is too stupid to think of a good money scam and too lazy to go to work. I live on welfare and I have 3 or 4 baby’s momma’s. I do not support any of them. I ran up a large credit card debt when i purchased twenty four inch spinning rims for my 1987 oldsmoble cutlbum. Unable to repay it, I was forced into bankruptcy at the tender age of 18. I think this bp could really turn my life around and maybe i could become a productive member of society. Obama beez president so I ain’t gotta pays fo nufin and blah blah blah.


^I wrote that in the nude.


also: im a level 34 i haven’t even played ep2 yet that’s ****ing dedication. or maybe just pathetic.

Generic Racist edited this message on 03/20/2009 12:43PM


Avatar: Blue Guitar

Level 36 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

I would like 7 Brownie points so i may purchase episode 2.

I believe i deserve it because I do not eat swine. And because I love you long time.


Avatar: Spider Illustration

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

I need’em to play ep2.

Why didnĀ“t buy them yet? I live in a country who hates paypal and such so cannot do all the online transactions I want.

Also enhace my gaming experience, pwn new forums, increase my peen and all that kind of thigs obtained playing ep2.

PS: Nice contest

Almost forgot to add my lil sister pic

Log in to see images! SuperSensibleGuy edited this message on 03/20/2009 1:04PM


Avatar: Abstract Blue Circle

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

I’m not funny or original. I just want to finish the storyline of a game I read nothing good about. Seriously.

Vodic edited this message on 03/20/2009 1:49PM


Avatar: 23167 2010-01-24 16:31:18 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 35 Emo Kid

I haven't seen a bad idea that I didn't like.

As a player currently in possession of Episode 2, I would like to instead extol my personal virtues in regards to why I would be a deserving recipient of said BP.


Firstly, were you to be so unimaginably altruistic as to bestow upon me the BPs in question, I would use half of them as a reward for a ‘swine Love Contest,’ in which players also seeking BP would compose the most eloquent and touching love poetry to extol your personal virtues, with a heavy emphasis placed upon your generosity and kind, loving nature.

Secondly, I would utilize the other 5 BP in addition to a couple more to purchase Episode 3, upon whence it arrives. Therefore, the BP are STILL being used to purchase a new Episode and so as such I feel that I should be counted within the 7 Episode-less players. But even if I am not, that’s fine too.

Thirdly, if and when you see me as fit to own said BPs, I will compose my own love sonnet dedicated to none other than yourself, and post it in the forums for all to see, admire, and ridicule.

Thank you, and I await your tubmail confirming me as one of the winners, oh Lord of porcine power.


Avatar: 126187 Thu Feb 26 08:54:36 -0500 2009


Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

I deserve the bps because I don’t have EPII and my house just burned down and I’m currently masturbating at the local library so give me 7bps so I can have something else to do on the computer instead of masturbating.

Also, male reproductive organs.

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