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Shock Swines 70 BP Giveaway Extravaganza (Potentiallly NSFW)


Avatar: 132036 Mon Mar 16 12:22:53 -0400 2009

[Epic Win]

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

I am really really thankful to you. Going to enjoy episode 2 to te fullest nowLog in to see images!


Avatar: 126187 Thu Feb 26 08:54:36 -0500 2009


Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

Too bad I didn’t get any BP Log in to see images!


Avatar: Code (Blue)

Level 35 Hacker

“43 4f 44 45 20 4d 41 53 54 45 52”

I’ve won, I mean I really have won! Yay!

Swine You are the best person I’ve ever met.

Episode 2 here I come.


Avatar: 85579 Fri May 29 23:02:23 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

OH COOOOOLLL… you sent me 1 bp…. i am sooooo greatful….....what will i do with all of that bp?? are the greatest Lawrence!

Jim McPerson

Avatar: Mother and Children

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

****ing wow, just saw BP’s few hours ago, thanks man Log in to see images!

Jim McPerson

Avatar: Mother and Children

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

my other personality’s half also says ‘thanks’Log in to see images!


Avatar: Abstract Blue Circle

Level 9 Hacker

“Script Kiddie”

It’s a shame this contest is closed and couldn’t find before it was too late. I can’t buy any brownie points since there’s like a 1 year process if i were to get $ into paypal …from Venezuela…

secretseeker edited this message on 03/27/2009 12:06PM


Avatar: Abstract Web


Level 16 Hacker

“Packet Sniffer ”

EDIT: dont i feel like an bum

master1202 edited this message on 03/27/2009 12:15PM

Mr T Ears

Avatar: Blue Guitar

Level 17 Emo Kid


First of all I won’t be able to buy brownie points, because i’m from Hungary and I don’t have any of the credit cards that this system accept. Secondly i’m too young to take a job yet, so i don’t have money either (i must wait until 2010). So would you be so kind and give me the brownies, so i can at least go to the ep2? (And this is my second character, the other banned yesterday to make this. This is the reason for the lvl4. And sorry for my english, i’m just practicing this not a long time)


Avatar: Hacker Woman w/ Goggles

Level 18 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

Well then. x_x

I’m needing those 7BP’s for Ep2.

I’d join some other contests, but I’m not quite willing to degrade myself and that doesn’t let me enter a bunch of them.

And er… My money goes towards rent and food.

I can afford my internet, but don’t have enough money for BP.

And I really do want my Ep2.

And just for the hell of it: You are a ****ing amazing, potentially gorgeous,wonderful person.

Blinkie edited this message on 03/28/2009 2:53PM

Successfull -

Avatar: Code (Green)


Level 21 Hacker

“Buffer Overflower”

I deserve some BP because out of everyone here i’m the only truly successful troll. However I am not successfull with money (i’m not a jew) so give a troll some BP and this troll can start trolling EP2 Log in to see images!

Big Brother

Avatar: 45759 Fri Oct 17 23:44:23 -0400 2008

Level 66 Troll

woman's genitals

I think I deserve seven BP because I want to be confident that as soon as Episode Three comes out, I can get it.

Shovel Warri-

Avatar: 137232 2009-09-21 10:03:19 -0400

Level 33 Emo Kid

“Zorba the Bleak”

Hey swine. I don’t think that I have ever asked you for anything (i’m sort of new) and I want this to be the first.

I don’t need the full seven BP. I only need three for an alt.

Please if you give me those 3 BP, I will be very grateful.

-Shovel Warrior


Avatar: Sad Face

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

As I was walking down the street, a woman pushing a baby carriage suddenly exploded. I rushed over to see what had happened, and the baby was holding a gun. Suddenly, the gun exploded and turned into SCORPIONS. They were talking scorpions, apparently, as they told me, “Rowan, you fabulous person! Get FORUM WARZ EP2 RIGHT NOW!” I explained to them that as I was an orphan, living with a pedophiliac in Calgary, I could not possibly afford EP2. However, they issued an ultimatum, declaring, “If you do not come into possession of EP2 within a month, we will consume your deceased parents souls, and make them enjoy your soul in the mouth.”

I quickly rushed home, trying to forget the ordeal. Even the daily beatings by my oppressive foster parent couldn’t make me forget what the scorpions had said. Later, I earned enough money in the bottled-sweat mines to purchase EP2, but PayPal lost the money in the transaction. Unfortunately, my laser that shoots cats and guns and guncats is nowhere near completion, and my only friend Bulbasaur has moved to Italy.

This is why I must beg of you to donate EP2 to me. The scorpions haunt my dreams, and I fear will act upon their threats lest I acquire EP2 within the month of April.

Mr T Ears

Avatar: Blue Guitar

Level 17 Emo Kid


Nah, i just finished ep1 and i don’t have any money for the ep2, and i’m interested in the storyline and i’d like to join FBO and new quests, forums, and just plz giv me the brownies Log in to see images!


Avatar: Kitten


Level 35 Permanoob

“Kapitan Stupidska”

Because I am already at level 35 and I want to know what the is all about in EP2. Besides, I also want to see this Geronimo forum they’re talking about.

That’s all. Thank you. Log in to see images!


Avatar: Sad Face

Level 69 Emo Kid

“The Infinite Sadness”

Damn it’s over? Back to saving up 12 visits for solo vanilla on ep.1 + community runs i guess…


Avatar: Skeleton Smoking

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

I definitely want those BP’s since I dont have any and ep 2 is within my reach.


I want a mother****in new avatar GADDAMET!!!

warjoke edited this message on 04/08/2009 9:19AM

Communist Pa-

Avatar: Code (Green)

Level 14 Hacker

“Packet Sniffer ”

I need 7 bp for ep2 because:

i want to know what happens.

I want to hack more people

i just think that the original is to short.

Not a reason but

I think there should be a way to exchange BP for Log in to see images!1,000,000 a BP)


Communist Pancake edited this message on 04/15/2009 2:13PM
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