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Ayn Rands

This is for random discussions that don’t fit nicely into the other areas.

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
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Business What do you do for a living and/or what is your major? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post kittiejenn 26 683 Cur1y
Business Raepdogs Namesake Latest Post heirloom 6 263 heirloom
Business Just a little FYI Latest Post CreepPipe 1 162 CreepPipe
Business Omg, you need this shirt! Latest Post Balloon 3 266 Peregrine
Business Odd Jobs For BP Latest Post DrNo 13 521 GigMendecil
Business I can has WTF in episode 3? Latest Post Meshamu 3 355 MC Banhammer
Business How to lose a customer in one easy step, courtesy of photobucket. Latest Post SG94 3 352 kittiejenn
Business Pokemon. Latest Post Langston Jones 4 231 CrinkzPipe
Business How much would you need to be paid... ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Robert James Fis... 28 778 s7r4NG3JuGs
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