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CrySpace: A Place for Emos

The official Emo Kid role-playing forum. Let your inner darkness shine.

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Rant I'm more than just the girl with the drippy mascara... Latest Post Raven Ebonlocke 15 1493 johnalds illegal...
Rant LEAVE EVIL TROUT ALONEEEEEE!!! Latest Post animemangavg 10 756 Parlok
Rant IF YOU DONT UNBAN FINGERZ Latest Post Little-Rena 5 709 Sick_Hacker
Rant i wish i had some more friends or a gun ( 1 2 ) Latest Post emo-boy 34 1963 Oleg
Rant **** YOU WORLD ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Awesomeguy 27 3006 Beta Romeo
Rant SO, this is pretty much what it's all about ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Dr Death 23 1159 Fingerz
Rant Great way to make yourself CRY! Latest Post Inertia 11 667 Tesfan
Rant Photobucket: LOL. Latest Post baou30 13 985 Chad The PWNER
Rant What do you want! Latest Post Recommencer 11 736 BloodyDemise
Rant im jewish so i dont get any presents like everyone else Latest Post An Hero 17 909 Velvetcrush
Rant i'm starting to think that in order to get over someone... Latest Post BloodyDemise 12 858 The Unknown Comi...
Rant My family Latest Post Spade 14 724 Langston Jones
Rant I invented emo ( 1 2 ) Latest Post muktuk 35 1375 Recommencer
Rant Officially Alone ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Recommencer 25 1385 Recommencer
Rant Why even bother trying? ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Dunatis 23 1341 rod1210
Rant My thoughts in rich gaybum pretty bois that wave their male reproductive organ and money around for all to see. Latest Post Recommencer 1 505 Recommencer
Rant Emolution and Razorblades ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Recommencer 25 1084 Recommencer
Rant why aer poeple so anngry with dagonss/ thaydid noting wrogn:( Latest Post GS49 17 855 Andy_Dextruss
Rant don't click this thread...i'm not worth your time Latest Post Bigandtasty 11 746 Jim McPerson
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