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The Trollhole

This is the official TROLL-playing forum. (See what we did there?)

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
News EnjoyCoke is a mbumive spackhammer Latest Post Andy_Dextruss 12 627 EnjoyCoke
News At least 10 dead at German school shooting - where is FalCoN? Latest Post Aldo_Anything 15 386 Morris6
News I own the internet Latest Post BEAT_WOMEN 14 458 Cid Highwind
News I'M ****FACED ( 1 2 ) Latest Post BEAT_WOMEN 25 911 Cid Highwind
News Draginz Updates!! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page ) Latest Post panda_racer 151 2699 Shovel Warrior
News meow Latest Post heirloom 16 534 Unknown-Symphony...
News I'm no longer going to post dragons. Latest Post DesdiPhoenix 10 404 DesdiPhoenix
News AUCTION: OBSOLETE COMPUTER Latest Post Inertia 4 394 Bigandtasty
News IMPORTANT ANNONCEMENT ATHIESTS RULE CHRISTfabulous personS DROOL ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) Latest Post DEAD fabulous person 94 3111 hurpdederp
News The Duty of The Troll Latest Post Xylon 10 584 Thumbz
News DAVID BOWIE DIED OF AIDS IN '97 YOU fabulous personS Latest Post Biff Weasley 2 380 Biff Weasley
News ATTN: Everybody with the "Ron Paul" avatar ( 1 2 ) Latest Post SuperHappyFunKit... 35 1334 retardpants
News If you kids are the future then we are ****ed. ( 1 2 ) Latest Post twas 26 999 hurpdederp
News My New Year's resolution... Latest Post SuperHappyFunKit... 6 454 Jim McPerson
News New look, same great taste Latest Post JacksonKelley 11 433 JacksonKelley
News I just pwned the Great Firewall of China! Do I get a cookie? Latest Post Clefairy256 17 627 SIG-ENABLING MOC...
News ITT: I h4cked FalconFour's Server and found his noodz ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Fingerz 28 896 Fingerz
News I'LL TEACH YOU TO BE HAPPY Latest Post JacksonKelley 3 305 MikePattonFanboi...
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