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The Trollhole

This is the official TROLL-playing forum. (See what we did there?)

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News Is this why forumwarz is so quiet? Latest Post Gordon Gray 3 256 Fingerz
News TRFG ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Bacchus 22 305 Bacchus
News Trolling_is_alive_and_kicking.divy ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) Latest Post That Reaction Fa... 85 773 Bacchus
News Congrats bob Latest Post Bacchus 18 198 Joseph of Suburb...
News f4tten your male reproductive organ Latest Post In Spite Of 2 28 Bacchus
News Listen carefully... Latest Post Sneaky27 7 120 MELLTD FACE
News READ IF YOU MUDERED SOMEONE Latest Post Inspector Chelme... 4 160 EAT MY DICK VOMI...
News unban h0g, Latest Post ChilePepino 20 428 Fortunato
News The reason for the Brazil power outage has been determined Latest Post MC Banhammer 5 226 Johnald The Robo...
News IMPORTANT AND SURPRISING ANNOUNCEMENT Latest Post twas 9 254 Celerysteve
News Hey JB Latest Post Skyman747 2 145 Xylon
News Bingebot is FalconFour Latest Post Xylon 3 123 Odalisque
News PANTS is Having a Donut! Latest Post Biff Weasley 6 320 Handsome Man
News I will spam this thread with duplicate posts in an extremely short period of time ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 ) Latest Post MC Banhammer 119 514 Duckythemagicnig...
News Please Help Me! I need your help! Latest Post HaggisBasher 10 240 Nailbomb
News Appeal Denied Latest Post 404Error 19 478 warjoke
News BREAKING NEWS: Obama accidentally gased while visiting Concentration Camp Buchenwald Latest Post Aldo_Anything 13 187 Dark Sentinel
News MercWithMouth Latest Post Melanin-Enhanced... 19 272 Melanin-Enhanced...
News Researchers Discover Why Autism Affects Boys More Than Girls ( 1 2 ) Latest Post MC Banhammer 21 375 The Unknown Comi...
News WeChall Latest Post Melanin-Enhanced... 13 247 A-Sat
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