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  • This article is not going to change for historical value, but just to clarify, STREAKING DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE. More info on the fixes below.

How it used to Work

Streaking is a tactic that eliminates repair costs at the cost of 20% of one's Ego. Besides the financial benefit it makes the upkeep stat entirely superfluous so upgrade points can be spent elsewhere, and it allows the player to use equipment that would take too much repair cost otherwise, like the Harris Piltons™ or Defaced Mona Lisa. These expensive items also boost the secondary statistics, so this tactic allows you to use less restoratives and/or spend less upgrade points in that category.

Here's how it works:

-Wear the best equipment you can afford;

-Once one of your items breaks, don't repair it, but unequip it;

-Enter any forum and leave without entering any thread by clicking the "Leave Battle" link on the top left (this does not use a forum visit);

-Re-equip your broken equipment and pwn the forum of your choice.

The actual streaking, entering a forum without equipment, is necessary because it resets the ego penalty from broken equipment. Without this step your ego would go down more every time you pwn a forum in steps of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 90%.

See also: Condition

Note: streaking is a KNOWN BUG, however CZ doesn't have any clue as to how to remedy it, because they can't tell how to make their equipment check execute on first attack instead of forum entry, despite the Broken Equipment notice displaying then.

Streaking Finally Fixed

On 07/23/08, Evil Trout finally figured out how to fix streaking, by relating the Ego penalty to the number of times you brought the item into combat after breaking it. Thus, de-equiping the item, entering/leaving a forum, and re-equiping it doesn't reset the Ego penalty.

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