Q: What is Forumwarz Orange?

Forumwarz Orange™ is a series of enhancements to our user interface geared towards power users…like you!

Right now it includes:

  • The ability to change the size of your toolbar in battle to take advantage of your monitor’s resolution
  • A button to instantly clear all attacks from your toolbar for faster reorganization
  • Controls for adding and customizing the tabs that appear on the site’s header
  • A convenient button to extract all your .moar files at once
  • An “Auctions” folder under Tubmail for all your Kyoubai-related messages
  • The ability to choose a set of your favorite emoticons for Flamebate

Additionally, as you may have noticed, you now have a quota on your Tubmail inbox. For a long time, we allowed unlimited inbox size, but we’ve found that’s no longer practical (with some players having thousands of messages in their inboxes).

Forumwarz Orange™ users will not have a quota!

Over time, we will add more enhancements, features and other exclusive bonuses to Forumwarz Orange™.