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Avatar: 189845 2010-04-21 19:44:38 -0400

[Island of Avalon]

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

Jalapeno Bootyhole Posted:

Performed two (fully original) haiku and was soundly defeated in the preliminary round. My opponent brought a couple “serious” haiku to the table, and the wuss judges were easily swayed. Having nothing but filth and degeneracy in my arsenal, I didn’t stand a chance! Luck of the draw, I’d say.

My second piece apparently had some people laughing and others shaking their heads. I forgot there were some bonafide Southerners among us:

Postmodern ethics
Like Alabama orgies:
”It’s all relative”

There’s going to be a proper haiku deathmatch in Toronto sometime this year, and I’ll be sure to enter that. Hopefully, I’ll fare a little better!

We will consider that the first entry into the poetry contest. An excellent start, and one that was probably unfairly discriminated against by the judges. I lived in Alabama for most of my life and don’t have anything against that poem. Some people just need to lighten up. Log in to see images!

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