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Avatar: Escher's Avatar


Level 10 Camwhore

really huge titty ****

Natalie Posted:

Oh, Escher, you are so sweet, yet so blind to your own brilliance — perhaps because you ARE blinded by your own brilliance, darling. You are Helen of Troy, you are Mother Teresa, you are the Venus de Milo, you are Princess Diana. You are the alpha and omega of femininity, the one who we all must look to, the one who we all come from or desire to return to. You are the balance and the center, and I’ve only ever wanted to be someone you would consider a friend. I will know you intimately, body and soul, all aspects of you, all parts of you, from toe to tip. bumuming . . . bumuming you’re willing, I will know you in every way imaginable. If . . . if you know what I mean.

myslef blind? from teh athena, the minreva, the tara, the spohia, teh marie cuire, teh elenor rosevelt, teh mariyln vos savant? u r all inteligence an all wisdom, u r all guidence an all lite, u r everythin taht can know or b nown. i want to sup from ur fountains of knoledge… an frmo othr thins, if u get my dirft.

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