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Avatar: Escher's Avatar


Level 10 Camwhore

really huge titty ****

Natalie Posted:

I know you can’t be for anyone alone, Escher, you’re too big for that — too big of a person, too big of a star, too big of a personality. You’re better than Tila Tequila. You’re better than any of those girls. You’re a comet and we’re just the people watching you from below, watching you up above, adoring you, worshipping you, wishing, all of us, that we could have a piece of you, that we could be a part of you, that we could be like you, that we could know you.

If you’re offering me even a bit of you, Escher, you know I’ll take it. You know I will. You are the Evita of these forums, Escher, high flying adored. Just don’t fly too high and too fast — don’t fly too far away. We’ll all be here, and I, especially, will be here. Or wherever you want me. If you know what I mean.

no, no, no, natalie – u know thats not 2ru. teh inetrnet mite make me popluar, btu that stuf dusnt last. wat u have is a 2ru gift, a 2ru belssin bettr than aynthin i cud evar have. an one day ull go 2 college an prevo 2 them all how smrat u rlly are an do grate thinsg 4 urself an writ lagre ur name on histry books wile no 1 remembrs who i am. if im a comet then ill just spark breifly an b gone, whil u r a shinin star that 4evr lites teh way. an if u wud just flahs som of that lite to me, i wud be 4evr grateful.

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