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Natalie Petr-

Avatar: 30861 2010-01-24 16:36:34 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 69 Camwhore

Queen of Hats and enjoy

Escher Posted:

hey!!!!!!!!! Log in to see images!

im sorri i posted teh pciture an i said so!!! an i don like him jus becuz hes famous!!!!!!!!! i like him becaze hes relly sweet and nice an hes frinedly to every1!!!!! Log in to see images!

an i know all abot wat he likes an doesn like!!!! he likes nitchez, an lauren vandrepost an desprete housewivs an lawrenc of arbarai an guns n roses an mihcael jackson an billy joel an the beetles an teh internet, just like me!!!!!!!!! well, ok, i don know who nitchez an vanderpos r but i think if tom likes them thne i kno i wold!!!!! Log in to see images!

an yeh i kno i got a lot of guys who rlly like me an i relly like them 2 but no1 compares 2 tom for bein sweet an kind an nice, an i think ur just jelous becuz no1 statred a thred askin u 4 pics, so howabot that!!!!!!!!!!1 Log in to see images!

You read what he liked on his profile. You’re so shallow that a leaf couldn’t float in your depth. Guys post threads asking for your pictures because you give them something to fap to. That’s all you are to them. That is all you ever will be. No one likes you for your personality, unless by “personality” you mean “freakish breasts.”

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