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Avatar: Ron Paul

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

You guys don’t seem to see the issue.

I don’t care that it’s taking a long time to load for me, I care that it’s bad for the server. I do all kinds of programming and web development, and I know that a loop running through a list, especially when it has to fetch from a database (very likely with joins), it can stall the whole server, or at least lag it. Even if it’s the most efficient piece of code in the world and somehow doesn’t tax the server at all, loading all those images and names is a little bit of unnecessary bandwidth that the fine people who bring us this game have to pay extra for each month. Even if it’s unlimited bandwidth hosting (I’m hoping so, since this is likely dedicated), most hosts get ****y if you draw too much.

I know the team seems to care about database use, since in another post about adding streak indicators to the forum lists, their stated reason for not doing so was that it wouldn’t be a clean database call, but a bunch of joins.

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