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[I Liek Mudkipz]

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

The Virgin Wailord

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look in there, in the sea, look at it, it’s a virgin you see, that Wailord, tight and bound, waiting for it’s true love, to come around, but he never will, can you see?, such a big girl needs an orgy, she would have sex, with something else, but Bestiality rules, “have sex with nothing else”, so she stays, eating krill, but unknown to her, a secret surprise, she’s “hot and heavy”, that she already is, “up the duff”, “has a glow”, she is pregnant, yet no one knows, how can this be?, she still has her flower, one more world, about to be devoured, but only one thing, can save them now, one word, it shall save them all, one word, it’s name is holy,
One word
“something is wrong”, thought the virgin Wailord, “all the creatures of the sea, they are looking at me!, am i about to have an orgy?, no no, that would be silly… oh my grog!, i have a glow, no wonder why the Remoraids are looking at me so”, then she heard a voice, deep in tone, “what could it be?” she thought out load, “it’s me”, he said, the fear on her face was clear, “you have you flee, chosen Wailord, flee before Deoxys comes, and rips you into 3”, knowing at one, she look Kyogres warning, fleeing at top speed, from the incoming horror of the alien foe…

not to bore you with the details and most of the legendarys death, i think i will skip ahead, to near the end, just after mew-twos death, to the orgy scene, it’s pretty ****ed up, but then again, what do you expect:

as the virgin Wailord entered back into the pokemon realm, she transformed, no longer big and blubbery, she feels the sand, on her feet, for the first time, getting her balance, seeing her arms, the world is safe, her baby, and most of the world, is dead, “at least theirs peace” she said quietly to herself, looking into the sea, she is small and young, but she’s not well, male reproductive organ is gone, lost to the Nether, but a sound behind her, there he is!, running to each overs arms, crying, “oh male reproductive organ i though i would never see you again”, “i know” said male reproductive organ, looking to the sky, 42 Wingulls go by, all the Pokemon singing, the Ex-Wailords go into the forest, smiling to each over, and a sign saying “the world is no-longer Nigh”

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Corny ending?, yes it is, because i had to make at lest 1 thing in my life that doesn’t end with all the characters being killed, i think… and yes i lied, there isn’t an orgy Log in to see images!

Nighson edited this message on 07/29/2008 9:15AM
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