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Avatar: 49870 Tue Oct 21 02:47:07 -0400 2008

Level 29 Troll

“Gaping Asshole”

Seven Element Orgy.

There was once a wild lonely virgin female Eevee. She was cute, and every male Eevee wanted to mate with her. But the female Eevee was pure. She knew nothing yet about how her species would usually breed. Luckily for those Pokemons, their instinct guided them to everything, like those of an animal.

One day, the female Eevee went to a city, where a Pokemon fair was being held. There, she met an array of the most sexy males (and in the Pokemon world, “sexy” means either a deep woman's genitals, or a long male reproductive organ) she had ever seen in her life. There were each one Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, and Glaceon, displayed on a stage. They were all males, and the female Eevee got turned on instantly – her instinct guided her.

It seems like a mating season all of a sudden.

She waited patiently for night to come. And when it got dark, the visitors of the fair are finally home. The female Eevee began her plan. She walked slowly in front of those seven wonderful males. There, she turned her woman's genitals against them, bent her front legs, and straightens her hind legs. She moved her tail so that it won’t block her femalehood from the sight of the seven pair of eyes.

It works.

The seven males got turned on instantly. They went down to surround the female Eevee, and before their trainers noticed, brought her to the woods.

Seven male reproductive organes erected to max that night, and a crazy orgy occurred, so crazy I wondered why nobody noticed, involving seven male evolved Eevee and a single female.

Wanna know the details?

Espeon manipulated Eevee’s mind, caused her to get more and more horny, so horny that her woman's genitals became as wet as a pool of a Porygon’s tears. She moaned, begged for them to start ****ing her already. And oh of course they agreed Log in to see images!’s yellow rings starts to glow brightly, given that it’s nightfall now and because he’s so turned on. He quickly stabbed his male reproductive organ to Eevee’s woman's genitals. Eevee cried at pain, but Espeon’s psychic control eased her, and her cry turned to pleasured moans. Espeon then jerked his male reproductive organ to Eevee’s mouth.

Then its Vaporeon’s turn. His watery male reproductive organ lubricated Eevee’s bumhole, and made it easier to ****. Jolteon took control of the woman's genitals, and the electricity currents caused her to feel an extreme pleasure. Flareon inserted his to the mouth, caused Eevee’s body to warm up. The combination of those three’s powers caused her to orgasm.

But they weren’t finished yet. Glaceon took control of the woman's genitals, and his cold body rubbed against Eevee’s body caused a cool sensation all over her body. Leafeon’s photosynthetic ability stored life energy inside his body during the day, and the life energy flows to Eevee through his male reproductive organ inside her bumhole, caused her to re-energize after the first orgasm.

And then she orgasmed one more time.

She was all wet and sticky from seven different kinds of sperm, tired and fell asleep. The seven males moaned in satisfaction, and left her alone in the woods.

The next day, a young trainer found the sleeping Eevee. He threw a Pokeball to her to catch it, and because she was very tired, she couldn’t resist. And so the Eevee began her new journey as a trained (and ****ed) Pokemon…


Travalgar edited this message on 07/29/2008 11:58PM
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