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Avatar: 49759 Sun Oct 26 03:31:30 -0400 2008

Level 13 Permanoob

HI I is bum Ketchup an.. O SHI- I think my fatrolls killed teh pokeymans under me...

The virgin Zigzagoon:

There once was a Zigzagoon who spent all of his time playing a game called Forumwarz, he led a happy life, had his own house, had a decent job as a berry hunter it didn’t pay much but it payd the bills plus he got to keep some of the berrys so that fed him aswell.

You must think this Zigzaoon is as happy as could be right? WRONG. This Zigzagoon had yet to get laid, he would spend an hour a day looking for the right pictures of some of the female Zigzagoons in the perfect postion for him to masturbate to. Until one day he said “Zig..zigzagoon zig zigagoon!” Which for you normal folk means “I’m..going to get laid no matter what!” So he sat off on his journy.

He went up to one that looked perticurly nice and tried to spark up a conversation. “Zig..” He was stopped there as the female slapped him across the face and walked away. The virgin Zigzagoon tried a few more times until he gave up and decided to buy a whorey female for 30 dollars in their currecny.

He did so and brought her back to her place, the Zigzagoon was sweaty as the female rubber her paw over his hind leg. As she started to stroke his large male reproductive organ, he noticed that her paws were so soft and he almost came instantly. The female Zigzagoon climbed down infront of him and instered his male reproductive organ into her mouth and proceeded to shove it down her throat. The warm, wetness, and overall feeling was so good he came instantly. The female swollowed his load then she climed ontop of him pushing him down sitting down on his down, she squeezed his male reproductive organ into her tight bum. She moved up and down on it, the feeling was so good in the 20 mintues the male bought her he had to of came atleast 5 times.

The male said “Zig..zig.Zigzagoon!” The female just male reproductive organed her head and walked out. The male got on his computer and posted a topic in their forums called Flamtebate about how he just got laid.

The end.

fat edited this message on 07/29/2008 6:15AM
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