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MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

Orb Posted:

I’ll have BP again at the beginning of August, but until then… I don’t log on to the account ever, so by ET’s admission it doesn’t count as an illegal multi. If I cant get the BP but continue to ignore the account, no foul, right?

That’s how I read it, yep. Just stay away from that other account until then. If you want to be sure you’re safe, I could ban that one and you could just ask to reactivate it when you go through with your plan. That offer holds for anyone else, too, at least until amnesty is up.

Orb Posted:

It could effect a change in it.

Heh. I suppose. Sorry, crayon, that and the incorrect use of “its/it’s” drive me nuts.

Oh ****, I just told people how to troll me.

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