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nanafabulous personiesus

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[ Team Shortbus]

Level 10 Re-Re

MC Banhammer Posted:

My first stop was — where else? — to Team Shortbus. You may be familiar with Team Shortbus, or “TSB” as the cool kids like to say, from their frequent (some say incessant) (all say annoying) posts on these very forums.

When you first enter the TSB private forum, you may feel as though you haven’t left the main role-playing forums. Their unique brand of trolling (trademark pending) continues throughout their own forums, meaning that if you don’t enjoy their public antics, you’re not likely to enjoy their private ones. But if you do enjoy their public ones, you’ll relish the added insight into their minds. Or perhaps be scarred forever, hard to tell.

During my time there I was witness to a fantastic effort of “get all the klan epeens”, executed with brilliance and panache in the inimitable TSB way. While that’s not business as usual, I could tell from previous posts that tools for trolling and other “cool troll” things are readily available, and there is no shortage of klan members who will help you in your quests while simultaneously tearing you down.

tl;dr: TSB is ****ing awesome.

My next stop will be SRSLY, the sorority little sister to TSB’s frat.

yeah we don’t really do any of that tbh

l2 Posted:

That’s the crux of science though, making the impossible possible, and the illogical logical.

l2 is a dumbhead

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