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Avatar: Turtle Head

[the abyss]

Level 10 Troll

“Pain in the ASCII”

    Almac Zakarion
    Male Human Fighter
    Age 32
    Level 4
            STR 16 (+3)    DEX 14 (+2)    CON 14 (+2)
            INT 13 (+1)    WIS 10 (+0)    CHA 12 (+1)
            AC 21
              + 1 Dex Bonus
              + 9 Armour Bonus: Soulcage
              + 1 Deflection: Vanity
            Initiative: 16 (+4 Improved Initiative)
            Fortitude:  +6 (4 base + 2 Con)
            Reflex:     +3 (1 base + 2 Dex)
            Willpower:  +1 (1 base + 0 Wis)
            Base Attack Bonus: +4
            Melee Attack:      +7
              Black Kestrel    +8   1d10+4    x3     
              MW Battleaxe     +8   1d8+4     x3
            Ranged Attack:     +6
              MW C. Longbow    +7   1d8       x3    (40)
    Intimidate           8 (7 ranks + 1 Cha)
    Ride                 4 (2 ranks + 2 Dex)
    Climb                5 (2 ranks + 3 Str)
    Listen               2 (2 ranks + 0 Wis)  
    Knowledge (History)  3 (2 ranks + 1 Int)*
    Knowledge (City)     2 (1 rank  + 1 Int)
    Knowledge (Arcana)   3 (2 ranks + 1 Int)*
    Craft (Alchemy)      4.5 (3.5 ranks + 1 Int)
    Weapon Focus (Halberd)
    Weapon Specialisation (Halberd)
    Power Attack
    Improved Initiative
    Combat Expertise
    Black Kestrel: +1 Halberd            2310gp   15lb
    Soulcage: +1 Spiked Fullplate        2700gp   50lb
    MW Battleaxe                          310gp    7lb
    MW Composite Longbow                  400gp    3lb
    - Arrows                      x40       2gp    6lb
    Vanity: Ring of +1 Protection        2000gp    -
    Potion: Bull’s Strength        x2     600gp    -
    Potion: Cure Moderate Wounds   x2     600gp    -
    Backpack                                2gp    2lb
    Caltrops                                1gp    2lb
    Crowbar                                 2gp    5lb
    Bedroll                                 1sp    5lb
    Bullseye lantern                       12gp    3lb
    Rope                                    1gp   10lb
    Signal whistle                          8sp    -
    Tindertwigs                   x10       1gp    -
    Traveller's Outfit                       -     5lb
    Total:                                        106lb (Med. Enc.)
    Remaining:                             58gp

Almac is tall and musclebound, with pale skin from years of being encased in armour. He has short black hair and brown eyes, and has a fair few scars about his body. He is serious and generally doesn’t waste words, but has a pitch black sense of humour and little to no regard for life.

Almac had a fairly ordinary commoner upbringing, though he was bullied by other children and isolated- thus he learned to fight back. He has had few friends all of his life until he joined the military, and then made friends with a dwarven alchemist. The two were strong comrades and saved each others’ lives time and time again, until his friend was killed in battle and Almac volunteered to join the Obsidian Legion. He served in the Legion until the end of the war, and currently serves as a mercenary- willing to do practically any job for a decent amount of pay, big or small.

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