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Avatar: Piercing Jewelry

[the abyss]

Level 10 Emo Kid

“Gloomy Gus”


It was unfortunate that they caught up with you before you could collect payment for that orphanage job. Who would have thought that the Paladins of Heironeous would move so quickly, what with their usual lethargy in doing everything else. You might have even stood a chance against the paladins if that interferring priest hadn’t stepped in…

They say you’re going to hang for it on the next full moon. 24 little children burnt alive, with only one who survived the fire. Even then he would never look quite the same, even if they did somehow find him a new face to graft onto him. But a job was a job, and that’s all there is to it, isn’t it?

The gnome in the opposite cell has finally calmed down a little and is merely pacing the room now. Better that than the screaming and begging he was doing just a few days back. The indignity of it all was humilating, to just watch him cry and weep and pray desperately to his mute gods. The blindfolded elf still hasn’t moved much since you’ve been here save to eat. The guards seem a little afraid of him and treat him with more respect than you’ve seen them treat anyone in your week here. Idly, you wonder what the blind elf did to land up here.

Speaking of the guards, they dragged a new guy in today. He immediately curled up in a corner and fell asleep- no doubt trying to sleep off the cheap wine you smell off him. And it looks like he wouldn’t be your only new cellmate too: in the distance you can see them dragging in yet another one.


Fresh blood. Go ahead and mingle.

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