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Evil Trout

Avatar: 35 2013-08-13 11:47:18 -0400

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 21 Hacker

I have ample evidence that ET is a weedy little twerp.

Now that Jalapeno Bootyhole and BINGEBOT 2015 have done one pet contest each, it’s finally my turn to run one! Muhahaha!

INCIT has proven that people like to label things. And forumbuildr has shown that people like to build in-game content. Now the two concepts can be merged (kinda)!

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Garbage Collection

You know how in Forumwarz you get a lot of useless junk items from people the day after you pwn forums?

Well, we need a whole lot more of it for Episode 2. I thought it’d be fun to open the doors to you guys, and let you try creating it! The best material will find its way into the actual game. How cool is that? Somewhat cool!

Here’s what we need for each piece of junk:

– Two images, one 200x200 pixels, and one 40x40 pixel thumbnail. The thumbnail should be cropped/scaled in a way that the image is obvious even at its small size. Important: You must either certify that you took the picture yourself and that you are releasing it into the public domain, or provide a link to the public domain source where you found it on the web. We cannot use copyrighted images or even Creative Commons-tagged images for this part of our game!

– A title for the junk item (i.e., Broken Golf Club)

– A description for the junk item. This is usually a couple of sentences long, but we can make exceptions if you have something especially hilarious to say about it!

Note that “junk,” in this case, should be considered useless but still generally salable items; they can range from worthless to fairly expensive, as they are in our game.


If we choose to include your junk in Episode 2, you will receive a special E-Peen™ for your contribution. Also, obviously your junk will be part of the game. And that’s worth, like, a gajillion dollars right there.

On top of that, we will pick a grand prize winner, for the user who comes up with the best junk. Said winner will receive 5 Brownie Points, plus a Unique Special Item that only their character will ever have access to. What is the secret item? It’s a mystery, but we promise it will be great Log in to see images!

We will also have a second-place winner who gets 4 Brownie Points, and a third-place winner will get 3 Brownie Points.

How to Enter

Post your image, thumbnail, title and description in this thread for others to see and criticize. Make sure they’re the right dimensions and that you’ve properly identified the photo as one you’ve taken (preferably with some kind of proof), or provide a link to the public domain source where you found it.


1. Multiple entries are allowed.

2. The contest will end on the 26th of May, 2008.

3. By entering you are signing away all rights to your contribution for our use. You allow us to profit from it.

4. Broken links will not be considered.

5. No nudity or snuff or crap like that.

Good luck!

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