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Avatar: Emo Girl

Level 15 Emo Kid


Leliel Posted:

As you might have read, I…am the newly regestered Troll known as Leliel.

My story begins a few years back, when I began to notice somthing strange about the forums I constantly went to: That they were all inhabited by idiots!

There was an idiot on the D&D boards. There was an idiot on the Microsoft boards. Hell, there was even an idiot on the MENSA boards!

Well. We couldn’t have that, could we?

So, like many Trolls before me, I decided to take their self-rightesous (Did I spell that right?) down a peg!

You know what my screename is?

It’s named after the Catholic angel of night.

And like my namesake, I too shall bring night-ON EVERY FORUM I VISIT!

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Kay…love you.

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