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Jalapeno Boo-

Avatar: 44 2012-11-06 12:31:55 -0500

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 44 Emo Kid

I had the first bum avatar.

Kelp Plankton Posted:

Prosthetic_mind Posted:

I think it’d be nice to have a way to make money outside of some of the plot stuff, because as it is I’m running out of smileprin working on the newer forums, and if I made a mistake I wouldn’t have enough money to try it again.

Have to agree here. The gambling is a bit too random to accomplish this. I ran out of health items and money pretty early on and had to get by on luck to snag more cash. Thankfully it worked before I ran out of forum visits. We need something that gives good cash but takes more effort than combat and doesn’t give any sort of XP.

Perhaps doing tech support for idiots.

edit: and what the hell, quote isn’t working.

Quote is indeed not working.

Don’t know if things have pushed forward yet, but you’re supposed to get a ****load of gifts the next day for beating forums. You’ll find there are other ways to make money in the forums as well…as soon as you NOOBZ go up a few levels LOLZ!!!!

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