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Avatar: 50390 Tue May 26 17:55:44 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll


Wylin Posted:

What did the tubmail you received from trhe woeismoderator say?

i just wanted to say, thanks for helping me out. you talked me through a tough time. here’s a lolcat. and, a special gift to show how much you mean to me. i got some help. the people at the depression center are real nice to me. the walls are nice and soft, like padded clouds. and i don’t even miss shoelaces. metal cutlery would be nice, i guess, but most of the food is mush anyway. my roommate is really cool. i don’t see the ants he keeps talking about though…well, used to talk about. so i’m wiring you my college funds. i won’t be going anywhere for a while.
but this is 3 days after the fact


Avatar: 19712 Thu Mar 26 21:15:20 -0400 2009


Level 69 Troll

Causing Jealousy On The Internet On A Daily Basis.

But he just responded to our bug reports and gave all of us that got that tubmail the e-peen.

Evil Trout Posted:

Okay, so I actually screwed up twice on this E-Peen™. First the description was misleading, secondly when I was building the E-peen the second lolcat image didn’t load so I only attached it to one of the tubmails when it should have been two.

The lolduck doesn’t qualify, btw.

Everyone who has received the second lolcat tubmail should now have the E-peen™, and everyone going forward will get it this way too.

Thanks to everyone who reported it! And sorry for 7 pages of confusion!

Wylin edited this message on 10/25/2008 8:44AM


Avatar: TJF588's Avatar


Level 63 Troll

“Flame Retarded”

Q: Anyone know if there’s an evil-boosting series of responses that still garners the ‘Peen? My Hacker’s my token extremely-evil d00d (Permanoob’s the extremely good), but all the active alts are ‘Peen-hungry. A neutral option is fine, too (wanna say I’ve been getting neutral, but *shrugs*). [Same for a “good” sequence for the Meanie one; still unclear about that one’s status, reading various posts aboot it.]

Well, went through the Big Fat Meanie-Head-Face-Pants on the ‘noob… Even though I drew the conversation out up until he offered the book, it still docked me from 27% Good to 13% Good… POOP!/DAMMIT! Ah, well, I can prolly make it up a bit from here/there…

TJF588 edited this message on 11/18/2008 6:26PM
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