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Unborn Baby Brother In Formaldehyde

Unborn Baby Brother In Formaldehyde
  • Max Ego +113
  • Offense +40
  • Defense +40
  • Base Cost: Log in to see images!30,009K

Part of you wants to hug him and love him and call him George, but then you realize he would have only made your life worse than it already is. Screw him… let him steep at the bottom of the closet!

Item Information

The Unborn Baby Brother In Formaldehyde is arguably the best piece of Special Equipment in the game. It is only available to Emo Kids after completing Heather's .moar grinding quest for "101 genuine suicide notes (hilarious!).sdoc from the forum EmoSapiens. Additionally, it costs over 30 million Flezz to buy and can only be bought once, and becomes unavailable if the player bought either of the two other available rewards for the quest.

The item can be useful to any clbum, but is very rarely found on Kyoubai due to its power and irreplaceable nature. It can fetch incredibly high prices on the very rare occasions it does get auctioned off.

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