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Stores In Episode Three

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!A renowned source for truly designer drugs, Drugs “R” Fun: Fifth Avenue only carries the most avant-garde brands from established pharmaceutical houses such as GucciSmithKlein, Sean Johnson & Johnson and Christian Bayer S.A. Favored by the most chic and best-drugged international celebrities, Fifth Avenue offers an exclusive collection for the discerning pharmacologista.
Log in to see images!The web’s top online banned bookseller, Banneds & Ignoble carries the titles other stores won’t — or legally can’t! Whether it’s been suppressed for being obscene, a threat to public safety, or simply inaccurate and badly written, you’ll find it here. The mark-ups are a bit steep, but you can’t put a price on forbidden knowledge!

For Camwhores

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Whether you’re lying flat on your back with your legs in the air or stomping all over your boyfriend’s heart, nothing completes the look better than a sexy pair of shoes. Plus, it’s the only item in your wardrobe that will still fit no matter how much weight you gain! Indulge in your shoe fetish at High-Tops, where you’ll find the most least comfortable, least practical and most outrageously expensive shoes on the market!
Log in to see images!This high-end lingerie retailer previously only sold its wares through a mail-order catalog available exclusively to chronic masturbators. But now it’s easier than ever for ordinary soccer MILFs like you to shop at Victoria’s Secretions! Combining a mix of private-label with external brands like Courtesanform and Laytex, Victoria’s Secretions fuses high fashion with high technology to accentuate your (mostly illusory) sexiness.

For Emo Kids

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Looking for the latest cutting-edge fashions but don’t want to leave the comfort of the local mall? For the discriminating Emo Kid, there’s Haute Topic! Featuring a wide product mix of suitably alternative fashions, a full-service body modification studio and our famous Moping Lounge™, you can depend on Haute Topic to help you achieve the unique look that all your friends already have.

For Hackers

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Boasting technology reverse-engineered from the Area 51 research facility, ProbeWare offers the most outrageously advanced systems around — with the prices to match. But you can’t deny that their specs **** the competition in the bum. So unless you want to get laughed out of the LAN party, you can’t be seen with anything else!

For Trolls

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Formerly known as Leroy’s Fried Chicken and Secondhand Goods, The Electric Fence is a popular retail destination for rare and valuable stolen merchandise. Here you can pick up gear acquired through SpendFriend scams, treasured mementos snatched from celebrities, and maybe even the bike taken from your own garage! Shoplifters will be hired on the spot.

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