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Stores In Episode Two

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!A health store offering the highest-quality naturopathic medicines and herbal mixtures. Many of these preparations are far more powerful than any pharmaceuticals, and the best part is, they’re totally legal!*
(*In nowhere but Holland.)
Log in to see images!This is the darker, back-alley twin of Drugs “R” Fun. The products are a lot stronger.
Log in to see images!As seen on the Office of the Surgeon General’s “News & Alerts” page.
Log in to see images!Named after the legendarily tall ****es of the jungles of South America, TallJungle****.com is a popular e-tailer for books and ****. You like books, don’t you?

For Camwhores

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!The Camel’s Toe sells an bumortment of lingerie products designed to call attention to what is arguably the most beautiful of all longitudinal cutaneous folds: the labia majora.
Log in to see images!StunGlbumes is so last episode! Spex Offender sells all the hot parodied name brands for the discerning Camwhore.

For Emo Kids

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!A higher-end online tattoo parlor and piercery, The Puncture Juncture offers a whole new world of holes. This shop was featured on such popular reality shows as Orlando Ink, ¡Viva La Tinta!, Ink’d, Tatted Up, People Getting Tattoos and When Tattoos Are Tattooed.

For Trolls

Icon Name Description
Log in to see images!Lawdy, lawdy! Ev’rybody’s goin’ buckwild for these here down-south hoodoo-voodoo-juju Troll fetishes, made right here by Aunt Jomama’s own li’l hands! Dey’s temptilatin’!

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