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Sect Of The Late Yak

The official guild for Hackers.

Any player who selects Hacker as a clbum receives the following Tubmail from the Sect of the Late Yak, with the subject HAXXORS UN1TE!:

As a Hacker, you have undoubtedly heard of The Sect of the Late Yak, the world’s premiere Hacker guild and certainly not a parody of any other Hacker guild in existence.
We have a unique user signup process: One of our existing members must first hack into a data warehouse whose location is kept secret, through a hardware and software firewall with no open ports and finally into a server that is unplugged for all but three minutes per day.
On this server, there is a 1024-bit encrypted dogreat timesent containing a series of 10 puzzles, each more mind-bendingly difficult than the last, which must be solved within a two-minute time span. Finally, access is granted to a Visual Basic application written by a grade-schooler that accepts a Tubmail address as input (before crashing.)
As you may have guessed by now, an acquaintance of yours went through all of this effort in order to submit your name. Therefore, you have been successfully initiated into The Sect of the Late Yak. Congratulations!
There is a great deal of power and responsibility that comes with being a Hacker. We ask that you represent our organization properly by conducting all of your hacktions with skill and intelligence. To accomplish this, you will need to constantly keep a close watch on your Processing Power; if it runs out, it is highly likely that your hacks will phail.
Thus, we have attached a bookmark to the Internet’s best undiscovered hardware store, A&A Superior Acquisition Computer Services Company. They may have a terrible name, but their prices and delivery speed simply cannot be beaten.
Another thing you should bear in mind: You may equip up to four pieces of hardware at the same time.
Finally, welcome to our ranks. We look forward to seeing your 1337 hacking skills!
– 7|-|€ §€ç7 0ƒ 7|-|€ £@7€ ¥@|<
P.S. We’ve attached some Wake the **** Ups™ as a welcome gift.

After reading the Tubmail, the Hacker is awarded the Late Yak Sectarian E-Peen:

Log in to see images! 0.06" This player became a member of The Sect of the Late Yak. Automatically awarded upon becoming a Hacker.

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