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A quest given to you by Orgywithjesus, who requests that you fetch her a number of items in order to help her get to spring break. This is done by first friending her, then write on her stall wall, then contacting her on AIM.


You receive this mission after contacting orgywithjesus on AIM*. She can be found inhabiting the Role Playing Geniuses and Whiny ****es forums on Flamebate.

  • sometimes she'll start asking for gear if you simple respond to her tubmail and post on her stall. also you never actually send the items to her, you might be able to get away with just reporting that you got them.


A nod to alternate reality games, the GOLDIGGA quest involves a quasi-real player named "orgywithjesus". You initiate the quest by contacting orgywithjesus on AIM, she responds with a TubMAIL list of items that you fetch for her. Note: It is important to be friends with her and write on her stall BEFORE you contact her on AIM.

Walkthough (Spoilers!)

Common request items are bolded.

  • CoverWhore™
  • Happidex™ H3
  • Smileprin™
  • L’ORLY Lipstick
  • Flip-Flops
  • Leather Cat Mask
  • Harris Piltons™
  • Sunoxious Body Lotion™

This quest is not part of Episode I. Hell its not even part of the game. Or is it? No, it's not. Seriously.

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