The Flamers of Loathing

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A friendly Klan for those who play Kingdom of Loathing and others.

Read on if you want to join.

Klan Rules:

-Be considerate of Klannies in Domination. See the Domination rules in the forum, here. (You won’t be able to read that if you’re not in the klan)

-Don’t be a jerk. You will get banned from the Klan.

-Vote Forumbuildr topics fairly; no excessive down voting for example. The custom forums should be cool, funny and creative, not just a way to get chocolate scoops.

-Be patient after asking for an invite, because we’re all idle as hell!

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Klan E-Peen™


Lowest Standards

This Klan topped the Largest Klans Leaderboard.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Womantis Troll 10 115192
Image Wonkyeye WVA native Emo Kid 10 114062
Image Wotan Troll 10 123618
Image Wotvar Troll 10 123757
Image Xenosis Support Xenosis treatment research Camwhore 39 211964431
Image Xochi Loves Mochi Camwhore 10 483430
Image xtingwish Flame Putter-outter Troll 13 153835
Image xxPwnerMagexx Loves Posting Speedruns on YouBoob Camwhore 6 8476
Image Yamadronis Emo Kid 32 52259911
Image YouHaveHerpes Blisters Everywhere Troll 58 691368286
Image Yuuka Umeko Camwhore 10 104023
Image zabriel Hacker 21 1838543
Image Zanete Camwhore 10 164852
Image Zanmatoer (Officer) Troll 29 18121977
Image zeratuljo129 Camwhore 10 84813
Image Zero Ziat Troll 28 15877778
Image Zeth147 Emo Kid 7 19538
Image zombie bunny EEEEEGGGGSSS!! Emo Kid 7 17750
Image ZOMBIE_HEDGEHOG Stalker of the Evil Trout Emo Kid 10 173501
Image zomGTHRoAt Emo Kid 25 5719797