The Flamers of Loathing

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A friendly Klan for those who play Kingdom of Loathing and others.

Read on if you want to join.

Klan Rules:

-Be considerate of Klannies in Domination. See the Domination rules in the forum, here. (You won’t be able to read that if you’re not in the klan)

-Don’t be a jerk. You will get banned from the Klan.

-Vote Forumbuildr topics fairly; no excessive down voting for example. The custom forums should be cool, funny and creative, not just a way to get chocolate scoops.

-Be patient after asking for an invite, because we’re all idle as hell!

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Klan E-Peen™


Lowest Standards

This Klan topped the Largest Klans Leaderboard.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image UncleHagbard Emo Kid 15 348562
Image UnknownOwnage Troll 4 2679
Image UrgeSplurge Never Swallows Emo Kid 21 2082966
Image woman's genitalsDentata Troll 18 744730
Image Vagitarian Troll 10 251381
Image VanguardShadow Camwhore 10 65884
Image Vegalord Troll 18 696237
Image Vegeta Troll 34 86377452
Image Vilemoon Emo Kid 9 52782
Image Vongoethe (Officer) Troll 10 160779
Image WALKEN_ON_SUNSHI... Troll 8 29264
Image WarlockCastor Hacker 25 6056118
Image WarpRattler Snakes on a Starship Troll 10 148522
Image webjanitor Emo Kid 10 67274
Image wickedwitch23 Aquaphobia (Officer) Camwhore 7 15356
Image Willums Won'tums Camwhore 9 59468
Image winharp Camwhore 10 63324
Image Winster Troll 10 129618
Image wiredbumer Makes Delicious Sauces Camwhore 10 76662
Image WolfBrother1983 Camwhore 8 34710