The Flamers of Loathing

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A friendly Klan for those who play Kingdom of Loathing and others.

Read on if you want to join.

Klan Rules:

-Be considerate of Klannies in Domination. See the Domination rules in the forum, here. (You won’t be able to read that if you’re not in the klan)

-Don’t be a jerk. You will get banned from the Klan.

-Vote Forumbuildr topics fairly; no excessive down voting for example. The custom forums should be cool, funny and creative, not just a way to get chocolate scoops.

-Be patient after asking for an invite, because we’re all idle as hell!

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Klan E-Peen™


Lowest Standards

This Klan topped the Largest Klans Leaderboard.


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image The Cheat Contest Mastermind (Officer) Re-Re 10 1236776
Image The Kitchen Sink... Everything but Camwhore 10 66543
Image Theocrati Emo Kid 16 426441
Image TheSilentMantis Somehow Silenter than most Mantises Camwhore 10 249055
Image Throwic Pull ic, throw grenade, stupid. Troll 33 66971168
Image Tig O-Bitties Tricks are something a whore does for money Camwhore 33 69037814
Image TimRem The EnchanterRem Troll 34 91550781
Image tOaDeR Troll 4 1983
Image ToriForte Camwhore 16 431996
Image Tran Tranny fors all! Camwhore 9 55055
Image Transfer Camwhore 8 29419
Image Trar Troll 10 78709
Image TRINI_ROCK Hacker 15 322492
Image Tsubaki Chewbacca's Asian cousin Emo Kid 10 85904
Image Turd Fergusen Troll 8 29222
Image Typo Demon Emo Kid 10 64903
Image UberPwnzr Has male reproductive organ-in-Mouth Disease Troll 5 7076
Image UknowUwantMe ProUd WhoreU GradUate Camwhore 9 50235
Image UltimateHaxxor Hacker 16 368756
Image ULTIMATE_NYMPHET... ( . Y . ) Camwhore 9 51776