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Avatar: 78885 2011-11-01 01:20:41 -0400

[Cabal Gamez]

Level 69 Hacker

Richard Whittington

Mike Hoth Posted:

So, i have been grinding these last days to get the most possible to level faster, now i have 2 questions about this…

1) Streak makes up for the amount of cred that you get after pwning threads and forums? i tought that it multiplies it (X Normal cred for pwning thread and forums * X Streak) example: (126 normal after pwnage of forums and threads; 5 of Streak: 126*5 = 630 of cred in total -Albeit a very lame total i know…- ).

2) There are specific forums that offers for difficult more cred as this?, obviusly on higher level forums you get more Cred, but are there still specific ones that does?; Some claim that they are, but i heard that those are for higher levels, just need clarification on this one.

Well, hope to hear some answers, i don’t mind grinding all day long, but to get better attacks sooner…

Sign Off.

Some do, but nobody keeps track of that anymore and we have all forgotten, just keep doing forums at or slightly above your level and switch them up to find the best ones.

Also Permanoobs get the games most powerful attack eventually.

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