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ZPac Shakorp-

Avatar: 186901 Fri Jun 19 15:42:40 -0400 2009

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 31 Camwhore

Tell the homies I'm in heaven and they ain't got hoods

Sup, my fine upstanding member of societyz?

Today is Juneteenth, celebrating the emancipation of slavery in America (peep this thread by that punk-bum **** Jalapeno). So me and my main man Biggie was up in Ghetto Heaven and thought we’d come on down and spread some love (it’s the Brooklyn way, as he say).

Since we died, a lot of **** done changed: The Crips and Bloods have called a truce. That east coast/west coast beef is over. And though it seems heaven-sent, we are ready, to see a black president, uhh. So me and Big figured, with all these changes happening down on Earth, maybe it’s time we put aside our differences and just kick some freestyles like back in tha dayz.

We noticed that some of these Forumwarz fine upstanding member of societyz got skillz, so we thought we’d come around and hold ourselves an old-fashioned cipher this Juneteenth. Fried chicken, watermelon, red soda, big-booty hoes and mad rhymes. Word.

So, do any of you fine upstanding member of societyz got any skills? We’re looking for 16 MCs to throw down, old-school style. Besides the satisfaction of bein’ the Head fine upstanding member of society in Charge, the winner will receive an exclusive E-Peen (whatever the **** that is), and there will be BP (again, what the **** does this **** mean? BP? Baby powder? Like right before you smack a ho?) for the top 3 winnerz and the first runner-up.


5 BP – winner + special E-Peen™

4 BP – 2nd place

3 BP – 3rd place

1 BP – 4th place runner-up


This **** will be run bracket style, with two initial rounds, then a semi-final round, and ending with an all-out final round battle between our top two MCs. You dig?

Let us know if you want in on this. Post in this thread to sign the **** up and we’ll choose our 16 contenders randomly. If you want to prove you got some skillz, go ahead and give us one bar of freestyle: that’s just four lines of your dopest rhymes, naw’m sayin’?

One love.

Edit: Round one is on, beeyatch!****in-battle

ZPac Shakorpse edited this message on 06/21/2009 11:07PM
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