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Avatar: 38 2010-12-05 22:39:25 -0500

Level 12 Troll



This is the official Bracket thread. I will keep an updated list of all the suggestions around Brackets (that are being considered). Some of these came out of previous discussions. Brackets are the groupings of characters within Domination.

Proposed Bracket Algorithm

Brackets are currently chosen exclusively based on the number of medals a character has at the start of a domination week. Here are some options to change the way this currently works:

– Do nothing: The top bracket is currently stuffed with alts, so people wait until they drop down to lower, inactive brackets so they can get 4 medals in 1 week.

– Ensure each persons alt is in a different bracket than the other (we used to enforce this). The issue is (and we’ve seen this before) if you have 10 alts, you’ll have one in the top 10 brackets, and chances are, you’ll end up in an inactive bracket getting all the medals, that’s why we now allow alts in the same bracket!!

– Only allow X alts to participate in Domination, they end up where they end up, period (X = 5?).

– Brackets are formed based on a Domination Score which is calculated based on # medals total (this season), # medals earned last week, # scoops total last week, # scoops earned last week, # cards purchased, # cards used, etc. This would work only if something like this (goals relative to scoops generated) was implemented.

– Brackets are formed based on a Domination Score which is calculated based on # medals total (this season), level/cred, # flezz earned.

– Bracket size limit of 30

– Any brackets less with less then 10 should be combined nightly to avoid solo/low activity brackets

And discuss.



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