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Boobs Can we please change the endtime of domination rounds?


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“Gloomy Gus”

Pickled male reproductive organbum Posted:

of course if they just moved the endtime up 3 hours or so then euro players wouldn’t be complaining (they’d have to stay up to midnight, instead of 3am) and people would still have some time to get home from work in the US and Canada.

That would be no better for people on Pacific time, Mountain time, or Central time, i.e. the majority of U.S. and Canada.

scullyangel Posted:

Obviously the thread has evolved from the end time discussion. A rotating or alternating end time would be a decent solution. Random time – awesome for anyone who doesn’t actually play the game, would completely suck for everyone else.

Invariel – entire post is very accurate and should seriously be considered. Can I credit you and post your card analysis on the ForumWarz Guide klan forum? I think it would be a great addition to our Domination guides. Log in to see images!

I’ve thought a lot about card limits / play limits. I used to be in favor of them, but a limit will actually reduce strategy and really put ‘target players’ at a disadvantage.

You take any player on the current lets play a game list posted by TSB – they are already targets of many other players and now they are on a hit list. I personally believe they are up to the challenge, the challengers don’t understand that they deal with that level of attack from each other all the time in the top pods. Now, say things are changed and the play limit or hand limit is 10 cards. Player 1 can play their Shields and Modests, maybe hit a rival with a destruction card. Then players 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 can play all their cards to attack player 1. This allows for the roving team up against one particular player to be so overpowered as to create a situation where there is no longer a point in playing.

Any card limit has no real benefit to the newer players and players in unmedaled pods, those players pretty much don’t play cards. Really, seriously. My new alt accidentally won a medal a couple of weeks ago by running visits. I never looked at the pod, and managed favorite flava.

Genesis proposed a ban on bumhole and Shield, this wouldn’t be bad, but definitely eliminates a lot of the suspense from the game.

I’d be more in favor of a nerf to The bumhole bringing the number of scoops destroyed down to a lower level. The bumhole (I’m weeping inside as I type this) is overpowered. I’ve been able to wipe the scoops from a pod all by myself, repeatedly. Granted this was in medaled pods and those players should have planned a little better, but I don’t know that one player should be able to lock out 11 others.

I’d really prefer new Domination cards were introduced. This would dilute the card pool making the Shield/Modest strategy less of a safety net, and would make destroying 210 scoops in one round extremely unlikely.

Completely agree with Scullyangel. Perhaps the bumhole should be changed to 4 scoops, but can target whoever is at the top of top scoops, fav flava, or minimum. Wait, what TSB list? Am I on it? If not, can I be?

EDIT: OMG! YES! I love challenges. Isn’t that what life is all about, overcoming obstacles?

Goth_Jesus edited this message on 05/31/2008 10:54PM


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Invariel Posted:

Swapping the end times by six hours per week might not be a bad idea; each time zone group would receive their own “time to shine” (har har har) several times during a season, and this would probably be beneficial to everyone equally. (Or equally punishing to everyone.)

I like that, one week it will be something like 3 hours after roll-over, then 9, 15 and 21, lather, rinse, repeat. Announce the schedule in advance and you know when you can make it. I think most people will be able to make it 3 out of 4 times this way and even if you have a very busy job 1 or 2 of them should be in your free time.


Avatar: 24791 2010-03-21 18:12:06 -0400

[Team Shortbus]

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chica bonita

Puerto Rico is on Eastern USA time so I don’t care about you foreigners, KEEP IT HOW IT IS (except after June 10th then I will be in Belgium 3 wks and it would be cool to have it earlier BUT THEN WHEN I’M BACK IN AMERICA FIX IT)


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