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CrySpace: A Place for Emos

The official Emo Kid role-playing forum. Let your inner darkness shine.

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Gay TOP TEN EMO RECORDS ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) Latest Post icwutudidthar 93 5728 Big Brother
Wheels no. just **** this one Latest Post Bacchus 10 419 Joseph of Suburb...
Noobs Official American Hate Subject ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post In Spite Of 45 1538 Joseph of Suburb...
Writing Official Java Eat Throwdown Latest Post In Spite Of 5 397 Skyman747
Writing A Rabbi and a Shoe walk into a bar Latest Post In Spite Of 2 333 sdgrbass09
Gay A Priest and a Roll of Quarters walk into a bar Latest Post In Spite Of 2 327 sdgrbass09
Poetry I can't take this anymore :( Latest Post Mr Cotton 8 518 sdgrbass09
Teh Drama HEY FINGERZ Latest Post male reproductive organFACEPANTS 19 543 DICKFACEPANTS
Poetry fie posts poetry ( 1 2 ) Latest Post Fie 26 905 fembot_
Sup I'm so disappointed Latest Post AIDS woman's genitals 3 135 sdgrbass09
Shock Dear That Reaction Face Gal Latest Post That Reaction Fa... 19 674 Adolf_Hipster
Boobs I met a girl... ( 1 2 3 4 ) Latest Post Mr Cotton 62 1134 ERECTILE_DEATH
tl;dr *sigh* Latest Post BarbedWireTears 17 318 Fran
Hell rattle big black bones Latest Post Chawin 11 471 Fie
Butthurt Tea and Crumpets. Latest Post Razmos 10 434 Patently Chill P...
Boobs fo rly Latest Post turdfisher 3 438 PoopShoot1102
Music How many band names can you find in this picture? ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post That Reaction Fa... 43 1227 Bacchus
Music So I'm like god or something. ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post xxEmoxKidxx 41 923 sdgrbass09
Wanna Cyber? The Finny (And people he fancies) thread Latest Post Finny 15 435 Finny
tl;dr Choose one actor to narrate your life. Latest Post That Reaction Fa... 15 537 Celerysteve
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