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The Trollhole

This is the official TROLL-playing forum. (See what we did there?)

  Topic Author Posts Views Last
Whores **** U , U FCKIN bumHOLES Latest Post amidacoss 11 809 HonkHawl
Whores Oh noes Latest Post Mr Cotton 4 208 sdgrbass09
Whores You're all ****ing gay Latest Post male reproductive organmelon 16 492 xsundae
Whores What iare the best things in the world to put in your bum? ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post male reproductive organmelon 41 1236 xxEmoxKidxx
Whores ****ES AND WHORES, AN ODE TO THE LESS FAIR SEX Latest Post Judge-Bot 3000 14 734 shifty_pecker
Whores 911 ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post BOILING-ANONYMOU... 48 1151 The Holy Prophet...
Whores Would you willingly put your male reproductive organ in this? ( 1 2 3 ) Latest Post Xylon 47 1325 Celerysteve
Whores TFGDPECU Latest Post Cheins Sanchez 1 205 Cheins Sanchez
Whores click here Latest Post Paraone 18 641 ChilePepino
Whores BLAME IT ON THE... Latest Post YouGotMerked 8 477 Vageena Davis
Whores hey genericwatever you already got your ugly whore peen... Latest Post WoweeZowee 3 252 Adapt
Whores I AM BROSTEVE HELLYEAH Latest Post Fie Crotch 5 273 Celerysteve
Whores episode 3 Latest Post Nicco 6 342 CreepPipe
Whores i went to troll college Latest Post Paraone 7 452 Generic Racist
Whores episode 2 Latest Post Paraone 10 627 Laguna
Whores in my opinon (which is important), team shortbus rules ( 1 2 3 4 5 ) Latest Post Paraone 95 3142 1337xxxxxxxxxlol...
Whores 50 things you propably should not say while having sex.. ( 1 2 ) Latest Post SplodeyDopy 25 1100 Grum
Whores ZOMG I JUST GOT LEVEL 35!!!!!!ONONO!NO!!11111 ONEONEOENO !1!!! Latest Post Anal Rapist 2 332 Kilroy
Whores LONGEST THREAD EVER Latest Post KatieIsHottx3333... 2 338 MC Banhammer
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