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Pwning Geronimo

You are not supposed to be able to pwn Geronimo! the final forum in Episode 2. The last thread in Geronimo! deals 9,999 damage, enough to kill any clbum that isn't focused in Ego. It is impossible to pwn this thread without the Emo Kid ability Life After Death.

How to pwn Geronimo!

As stated before, you need the ability Life After Death, which only the clbum Emo Kid can get.

LIST OF THINGS NEEDED You need to be level 35.


Get all of the whine-o tree and Life After death.


After you get all of your skills, spend the rest into offense. You need at least 160 offense.


Step 1: Use Bash and Drool to kill the forum.

Step 2: When you are at the next to last thread(The last thread should be the boss thread) make sure your ego is under 80, and activate Life After Death then pwn the thread.

Step 3: Enter the boss thread and use Quoth the Raven

Step 4: The boss thread will hit you, Life After Death will save you.

Step 5: Use Everybody Hurts, if done right the boss thread should be pwned.

History of Geronimo

Geronimo! used to only be 5000 pwnage, thus not requiring as much offense. But when a user pwned it, it caused Evil Trout to try and buff it to fix it. But when another user tested it with much more offense, it was found it was still pwnable.

People who First pwned Geronimo

Before The buff: CrinkzPipe

After the buff: Zzyw

Geluidsoverlast is the first hacker to pwn Geronimo at 02/14/2011 11:26AM simply by one-shotting the boss thread.

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