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Hacker Stores

Episode One

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!This Chinese-owned computer retailer offers the best hardware prices on the Internet. Sure, everything they sell includes a hardware firewall that censors out the words “Tienanmen Square,” but cirgreat timesventing that should be child’s play for a hacker like you. Established in 1920 as a general trading company, they still have a back room filled with “red ginseng root suspended in royal jelly for make male reproductive organ hard now,” if you’re into that kind of thing.

Episode Two

  • To date, no new stores for Hackers are available in Ep. 2.

Episode Three

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!Boasting technology reverse-engineered from the Area 51 research facility, ProbeWare offers the most outrageously advanced systems around - with the prices to match. But you can’t deny that their specs **** the competition in the bum. So unless you want to get laughed out of the LAN party, you can’t be seen with anything else!

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