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Emo Kid Stores

Episode One

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!Perhaps the worst unlicensed tattoo parlor not located in your local jail cell, Infections, Ink uses the same remote-control inking technology favored by lazy celebrity authors to autograph books from their attics. Also, they can pierce you somehow. In any case, your new body mod is sure to turn into a festering mess, but hey: That’s the price of “just being yourself.”

Episode Two

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!A higher-end online tattoo parlor and piercery, The Puncture Juncture offers a whole new world of holes. This shop was featured on such popular reality shows as Orlando Ink, ¡Viva La Tinta!, Ink’d, Tatted Up, People Getting Tattoos and When Tattoos Are Tattooed.

Episode Three

Icon Store Description
Log in to see images!Looking for the latest cutting-edge fashions but don’t want to leave the comfort of the local mall? For the discriminating Emo Kid, there’s Haute Topic! Featuring a wide product mix of suitably alternative fashions, a full-service body modification studio and our famous Moping Lounge™, you can depend on Haute Topic to help you achieve the unique look that all your friends already have.

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