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Double Down

This is an option that will come up when playing Blackjack with Gamble-Bot 3000.

After you've seen your first two cards, you have the option to Double Down. This will double your bet, but you will only receive one card. This can trap you (if your cards are too low) or possibly prevent you from busting.

Example: Gamble-Bot 3000 deals you an Ace and a 2. You double down. Your next card is another Ace. You are now at 14, where you will stay for the hand.

Doubling down is usually a horrible idea unless you're sitting on a 10 or 11 point starting hand. Because there's a very high chance of getting a card worth 10 points, doubling down lets you increase the bet and usually nail a 20 or 21 point final score. Sweet stuff, to be sure.

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