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70 Character Storytellers

70 Character Storytellers, or "70CS" as our graffiti tags read, is an elite team of crack commandos and commandos who are on crack who are on the run for a crime they didn't commit. The crime? Being not hilarious. Every 70CS-er is an INCIT master who bends the very special and tiny pool of INCIT images to his or her iron will of hilarity and OMG LULZ.

It all began when Orb, truly the Mr. Miyagi (or possibly Zordon) of the INCIT world, realized that there was a certain air about some INCITers. LOLCATS were shockingly absent from their entries. Epic LULZ rang out in the cubicles and never-girl-inhabiting bedrooms of all who dared to compete in the crucible that is INCIT each time one of these paragons, these Cadillacs of Men, entered a joke to the ever-laggy server. Orb, himself being a wandering samurai, recognized these few as true INCIT ninjas. Such ninjas needed a dojo, a 1950's pizza parlor with a broken jukebox if you will, to hone their skills and pleasure themselves to their INCIT victories.

Forging a castle from the lightning force of his never-unfunny mind, Orb gathered up the most elite INCITers and so began 70CS. Since then, our sentinels have roamed the vast, ****-smeared plains of INCIT, elevating the discourse from "GIRL WITH A male reproductive organ-TRANNY TRANNY DING DONG" to the nigh-Nobel-worthy. If ever you fear that INCIT chat and the submission pool have reached unbearable levels of repeated capital letters and contextless uses of the word fine upstanding member of society, hold out hope that a 70CSer will descend from their majestic castle, hewn by their god from the side of a mountain, and bring the LULZ.

Upon looking into nearly any Flamebate thread, it can be determined that this site hates 70 Character Storytellers with an intensity usually reserved for that one uncle who raped and murdered your wife and only daughter and also molested you on a regular basis in your early childhood. They are just jealous that we can be funny without capital letters.

As of August 23rd, 70CS has been re-vamped to accommodate RPers and Forumbuildrs, with their stated goal as improving creative writing and lulz across Forumwarz.

As of September 18th, 70CS officially declared war against INCIT fabulous personry and is finally recognized as a decent klan, also embracing trolling from awesome people like the ones from Team Shortbus.

Prominent Members

  • Orb-Robot Overlord and klan leader
  • Murderousness-Chief Erectrocutioner
  • Voltaire-Creator of the Internet Movie DoucheBags forum
  • LOLBags- Notable Living Organism

People who you can beg for an invite

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