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Vince Russo wrote this on 06/20/2009 9:17AM:

10 Tips for Using a Condom

* Use a new condom for every act of intercourse.

* If the male reproductive organ is uncirgreat timescised, pull the foreskin back before putting the condom on.

* Put the condom on after the male reproductive organ is erect and before any contact is made between the male reproductive organ and any part of the partner’s body.

* If the condom does not have a reservoir tip, pinch the tip enough to leave a half-inch space for semen to collect.

* While pinching, place the condom against the male reproductive organ and unroll it all the way to the base.

* If you feel a condom break while you are having sex, stop immediately and pull out. Do not continue until you have put on a new condom.

* After ejaculation grip the rim of the condom and carefully withdraw from your partner.

* To remove the condom from the male reproductive organ, pull it off gently, being careful semen doesn’t spill out.

* Wrap the used condom in a tissue and throw it in the trash where others won’t eat it.

* Finally, beware of drugs and alcohol! They can affect your judgment

NawtyFish wrote this on 04/07/2008 2:30PM:

“Canadian hero” is an oxymoron. >_>

P.S. I popped your stall cherry Log in to see images!


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