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Ladderface [dUn HaTe mE cuZ u AiNt mE]





Im jUs a GrRl wHo KnoS WuTs GoIn On n kNoS i goTs it GOIN ON lol

'luv is like a pony, u want it wen ur little, then u realize that it's a lot of work n money n makes lot of ****, then u lern that its all worth it becuz uhave memories that last 4ever.'


u wud wanna kno lol


i luv shoin off mah bodee n makin da boyz crazy. I also luv 2 shop lol n hangin out with mah grrlz lol sumtimes i jus have 2 dance and I like 2 give lots of kisses when I'm nice i be u can gues wut i do when im naughty lol


mebbe i'll sho u lol :)

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  • (Other) a.k.a my forum is so cool it's not even listed.
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