The TI-Nspire is a ****ty calculator

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You know that the TI-Nspire is a ****ty calculator.

Where the **** is getKey? In the I/O menu? HELL NO!

There is no mother****ing getKey! There’s no mother****ing Input either! Only 3 I/O commands are on the TI-Nspire:

  1. Disp not Output. There is no way to draw something to a specific location.
  2. Request note: shows dialog box.
  3. RequestStr like Request, but for strings

So, the I/O commands are very limited. Plus, no draw commands! What kind of ****ing graphing calculator is this?!

Everyone knows that graphing calculators are meant for playing games in math clbum. The TI-Nspire doesn’t fulfill these objectives. And still TI rants about their new calculator, refusing to add moar programming capabilities. Plus, they tried to discontinue the TI-84+SE, our second most beloved TI calc!

Let us stand up and shout:

”The TI-Nspire is a ****ty calculator!”

See here for more **** on how the TI-Nspire is a ****ty calculator:


Name Klan Title Player Class Level Cred
Image Alexander_Ovechk... bumistant to CeleryBob Re-Re 8 32003
Image CeleryBob Good ol' keeper of the good ol' 84+SE. Camwhore 19 1143706
Image Evil-Seaman The Keeper of the 89 Titanium, and the Slayer of the Nspires, and also sdgrbbum09, who is an Nspire Hacker 17 471841