Q: What's an illegal alt and why was I banned for using one?

We let anyone who wants to play Forumwarz create one character for free and play all the way through Episode 1. If they want additional characters (known as alts, short for alternates), they must purchase them in the “Support Us!” section.

Why do we do this? The main reason is to support our growth. Each new character represents a lot of potential server time, and we balance that out with a minor cost (right now it’s less than $5 for unlimited play). Remember our bandwidth and development time isn’t free!

When you purchase a new character through us it’s tied to your same login so you can switch between them easily.

Illegal alts

Some people want to play Forumwarz as a new class or play again from the beginning, but they don’t purchase a new character from us.

The reasons for this are varied: some people don’t have the cash; some don’t have credit cards (however, we’ve posted several workable solutions here); some have something against Paypal; some people will simply avoid paying, or don’t think the game is worth supporting (even if they use it a lot!); others do it so they can abuse the forums and other players.

Whatever the reasons may be, a certain percentage of our user base ends up signing up for two, or three, or even DOZENS of new accounts using new e-mail addresses and passwords.

We call these “illegal,” as it breaks our rules. It eats our server time, it opens the door for abuse, and it’s a bannable offense. If we catch you using multiple accounts, we will ban you.

When will we ban an illegal alt?

We have tools to analyze your usage habits. If we catch you actively playing on multiple accounts, all of your accounts will be banned. It’s as simple as that.

Ban appeals

If you would like to appeal your ban, please read this article first.